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Buying or selling a house is a big step in anyone’s life. We would always look for the realtor who is knowledgeable, professional and works in our best interest. We got lucky to have that person working for us. In our first meeting, Tina went an extra mile to ensure that we fully understood the process and clear any doubts that we had. She did an excellent job during the viewing to thoroughly check all aspect of home and asked all important questions before putting an offer.

Tina, we always asked you so many questions and you continued accommodating all our needs (what she called a “lecture” ) to make sure that we are comfortable. The reason for over asking was just because we didn’t know anything about buying a house. It might be easy for you to answer but for us, it was new to learn. But You always gave us additional information that a buyer needs to know, especially when buying a home first time and have plenty of questions.

You always drove from one end to the other to show us property in a timely manner and never excused for anything. There were times of disagreements but your advice always helped us sorting out any conflicts and to keep our hope alive. Tina, you never let us feel that we are working with a realtor because it was always working with a family.

Thanks again!

Jipal and Ketu

I am kind of a person who likes to do his own research before going for something and that’s what I did when hiring a realtor. I met three realtors before I met Tina and I gave two of them an opportunity to work with me in my house search. But one way or other I realised in few days they were unable to meet my expectation. Since I was doing house search from quite a long, I knew what I was expecting from a relater.

There are so many reasons why Tina not only met my expectations but went above it.  You need a realtor whom you can trust, who works for you, who speaks for you, who understands and respects your limits, who would never try to push your limits, who will try to convince other party to meet your demands and not try to convince you for theirs ,who would never push you to make a purchase to close a deal, who would let you decide the number while making an offer, who would give you an honest opinion when you are confused, who would be flexible for showing and appointments, and most importantly who would be real professional when it comes to documentation and dealing with other.

Tina, you meet all expectation I mentioned above.I don’t have enough words to thank you for everything. I never had to ask you anything twice or follow up for things. You were that fast and effective. I appreciate your patience in working with me because I know there were times when it was easy to lose patience. I will have to admit, there were a few times when I was hesitated to make a request because I knew it was too much to ask but thank you for accommodating everything I asked for.

Especially I want to thank you from being honest in every single conversation.  We know there was a time when we were so close and a single piece of information changed the entire thing. If it would have been somebody else, he/she may not have shared that information. You never thought about your own advantage and I appreciate that and I owe you big for this.

Thank you for helping out in the Mortgage process, about hiring a lawyer and getting the house inspected.

Despite you being professional, we always felt like being a family when we worked together.

Thank you for the wonderful experience.

Wish you great success.



For anybody who is a looking for a house in and around London, they should definitely consider Tina as their go-to person. As first time home buyers and being new in London it was a big investment in terms of time and money. But taking Tina in a board to help us was the best decision we ever took. She took the special interest in our needs and was very helpful to guide us to the right property. She is very approachable and thoroughly professional. Not only we found our right house but we also made a great friend in her.


Dr Chandni Desai and Dr Shreyank Patel

Namrata made the process of selling and buying our new home a breeze. She was quick to understand our needs and steer us in the right direction from start to finish. Ours was a positive and successful experience and we would warmly recommend Namrata to anyone looking to sell or buy a property.


With love Hardeep & Sonu Sihra

Tina is an amazing and patient realtor , Buying a house is the most difficult thing any person can do.. Making that decision and making sure it’s the right one needs a lot of research. Tina provided this information for me and was there throughout the process for me.
With the competition in the market, you need a realtor with a good strategy to get you the property at the right price. Thank you, Tina will always be grateful.


From Netsai

Tina helped us in our journey of house hunt, not once but twice. She was very professional, prioritized all viewings as per our convenience, was very patient with our constant questions/queries and guided us to make the best choice on both occasions. We wish her best in her career!

S & D Prasad

Tina helped us to buys our dream home a year ago. She is very patient, reliable, knowledgeable and hard working. We highly recommend her.

S & A Kavat

We had the best experience working with Tina. She is outstanding and helped us find the best home. We trusted her insight and judgement totally and the results were excellent. She is smart, passionate and strategic realtor. Thanks Tina for all your support .❤️

N & P Shah

Tina is extremely hard working , efficient and a go-getter with her work. She is very reliable, informed and quick. I highly recommend Tina.

A Janwalkar

Tina is a very professional and knowledgeable realtor and was very helpful to us during the purchase and sale our first home in London. I strongly recommend her service to anyone who is looking for any kind of real estate services in and around London area.

Gurpreet Singh

Tina is one of the hardest working women I know ! She is truly passionate in real estate and she goes above and beyond to help her clients! One of the best real estate agents I know !

Anna Sinilo

We used Tina for selling and buying of our homes this year and she was outstanding. I would definitely recommend her for your next dream home. she has the experience, connections and knowledge about the area. we were able to find our next dream home in 2 weeks and were able sell our existing property in 3 weeks. everything worked out just amazing. She was there for every step of the way and made this project go smoothly. Thank you Tina and wish you all the best for your future endeavors!

S & A Soni

It’s hard to find people who care like Tina does. Great realtor.

Jamie Higgins

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